1st step to new life

You live the way You know.

You don’t live the life in the way you don’t know yet.

That is the biggest problem You have come to, which is unsolved yet. How to know the things that are still not visible and you cannot use them.

In every thing you do there is a decision taken. The decision is started by thought „i will do that”. Most of people doesn’t know how they work, how they act. That’s the cause why they cannot change.

First step is to take a decision, that you will do what is neccessary to know the unknown, to see the unseen, to understand what’s non understandable in your life.

There are no other issues right now. Only the issue what You will do in the next moments with a certain amount of time and energy in Your life.

The first step is not yet to solve all the problems that You have. The first thing to do is to forward another moment of an old way of living and old way of thinking to the new path. This path doesn’t have to be leaded to certain aim right now. Just the life as you know it should be taken out of old rails, so that you can control the moment of life, and not flow with the life that is just happening and is controlling you.

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