about me

I am an 34 years old man, who grew up in Poland, and went a long way through different tough situations in my childhood and adult life.

When I was 20 I lost my Mother. Then, years after, I realised, that have no real family’s relations – I mean – they existed, but were never as close people should have.

Meanwhile I made big steps to connect with the Great Love, existing around us and, throuout reading, meditations and experiences – I understood myself and many Higher Laws, like The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law Of Truth, The Law of Now.

The process of my inner awakening has been a long one, but I am happy to stand, where I am.

I have started this page to share with you what has positively changed my life: some prayers that I say within myself to establish a relationship with a Higher Power, some of the prayers I know from different sources – often inter-religious ones.

I hope You will find something for Yourself, that will help You somehow to awake in Yourself, to establish Your own relation to the Great Love and Higher Power.