how to pray


There is a real risk, You will misunderstand and mistake the God’s will with own feelings, thoughts, needs, plans, etc. Not to do that – is to find a right path inside of self, which will be the assured place from the Higher Power. To find it, You have to retrive the right connection in this triangle:

1. Your language system – 2. thoughts and names – 3. reality (the Truth).

The reason, why You have such problems in life, in many areas – including personal relations, professional life, financial problems, etc. is – You use the upside-down definitions and obverse language (names, labels) for understanding the Reality.

You cannot get out of the places Your wrong understanding led You to – unless You use the right understanding, the right language, the right definitions and labels to think and feel about the Life and Reality (about relations, situations, facts, the world, etc.).

Returning to Right Meanings

How to return to something, that was probably never present in Your life? That is the matter of leaving the old patterns and meanings. That is about opening all that You gathered for the right seeing. That is to open Your hands to free what You were holding and keeping. That is to make a step backward nad fully walk into this state of mind called „I don’t know”.

  • What’s the reason of all my problems? You say then – „I don’t know”.
  • Why all this happened to me? You say then – „I don’t know”.
  • Is this a fault of all those situations and people I met on my Path? You say then – „I don’t know”.
  • „I did well” – you think. But you make a step backwards and… You say then – „I don’t know”.
  • „This or that person is doing good or bad” – you think. But then you make a step backwards and… You say then – „I don’t know”.
  • „I wish it never happened to me” – you think. But then you make a step backwards and… You say then – „I don’t know”.
  • „I wish I had a different life/work/family/day/meeting (anything)” – you think. But then you make a step backwards and… You say then – „I don’t know”.

Making a space for ‚The New’

When You come to the so-called „I don’t know” state, You are opening for The New. With The New, there are coming the right meanings of thoughts, emotions and, right after them, new names, labels, definitions. This process has to take its time, it has to last, and, if You want to walk onto the Right Path – You have to keep Your openness for longer time.

Giving enough time and space for the Language-and-Understanding-Transforming process is the only warranty to unravel the inner loops, in which we stucked in.

How to know, if You are on the Right Path?

Staying in a „I don’t-know” state is the last safe point at which you are within safe boundaries beyond the old thought-feeling loops. If the problems you want to break free from keep repeating – during the transformation process – you have reverted too quickly to old meanings and definitions.

That is a information and indication – You should come once again to the „I don’t know” state, no matter what kind of transformation did happen already.

Be careful. Be cautious. Be prudent. Be wary.

Each step You take contains enough informations about Your Path.

Do not mistake the Right Path with own convictions and own images, how the Right Path looks like.

What effect is achieved through prayer?

People are able to do the work of prayer and understand the importance of prayer, but the effect achieved through prayer is not a simple matter. Prayer is not a matter of going through formalities, or following a process, or pronouncing the words of God, saying that prayer does not mean rote words and copying others. You must give your heart to God in prayer, In which the words are shared with God in your heart so that you are touched by God. If your prayers are to be effective, they must be based on your reading of God’s words. Only by praying in the midst of God’s words will you be able to receive more revelation and ignition. A true prayer is represented by having a heart that craves the demands placed by God, and by desiring to meet these demands, you will be able to hate everything God hates, On the basis of this you will gain knowledge, and you will know the truths made by God and become clear about them. To get determination, and faith, and knowledge, and the path by which one is practiced after prayer, is to pray with truth, Only such a prayer can be effective. Nevertheless, prayer should be built on the foundation of enjoying God’s words and interacting with God’s words, this will enable your heart to find God and be peaceful before God. Such a prayer has already reached the point of true conversation with God.

Basic knowledge about praying:

1. Don’t say everything that comes to mind without thinking. There must be a burden in your heart, to say that when you pray, there should be a goal.

2. Your prayers should contain the words of God; They should be based on the words of God.

3. You should not keep repeating old things while praying. You should pay attention to God’s present words, and tell God your innermost thoughts while praying.

4. Collective prayer should be centered on an essence, which should be the work of the Holy Spirit today.

5. Everyone needs to learn how to pray for something. It is also a manifestation of fulfilling God’s will.

Personal prayer life is based on understanding the importance of prayer and the basic knowledge of prayer. 

Man should often pray for his mistakes in his daily life, pray for changes in the nature of his life and pray based on his knowledge of God’s words. Everyone should establish their own prayer life, they should pray for knowledge based on the words of God, they should pray to find knowledge of God’s work. 

Put your real circumstances before God, and be practical, and pay no attention to the law; The main thing is to gain true knowledge, and to truly experience the words of God. Anyone who wants to enter the spiritual life is required to be able to pray in many ways. Quiet prayer, Meditating on the words of God, knowing the work of God, etc. — this targeted act of conversation is to gain entry into a normal spiritual life, which will make your situation better before God, and will lead to more progress in your life.

In summary, whatever you do — whether it is eating and drinking, or praying silently or proclaiming aloud — it speaks to God’s words and his actions, and clearly To see that which he wants to fulfill in you. Even more important, It is to reach the levels that God demands and to take your life to the next level. The lowest level that God can ask people is to open their hearts to God. 

If man gives his true heart to God and tells God what is really in his heart for God, then God is ready to work in man; God does not want man’s deformed heart, but his pure and upright heart. 

If man does not speak truthfully to God with his heart, then God does not touch man’s heart or act within it. Thus, the most important thing about praying is to speak the words of your true heart to God, God has to tell about his shortcomings or rebellious nature and completely open himself to God. Only then will God be interested in your prayers; If not, God will hide his face from you. 

The lowest criterion for prayer is that you can keep your heart peaceful before God, and it is not far from God. Perhaps you have not attained any new or higher point of view during this time, but you should use prayer to keep things intact – you cannot go back. This is the lowest you need to achieve. If you cannot accomplish that much, it proves that your spiritual life has not entered the right path; As a result, you cannot remain at your original vision and at the height of faith in God, And your determination disappears after this. 

Your entry into spiritual life is marked by whether your prayers have entered the right path or not. It is good for all people to enter into this reality, so that all of them can undertake the task of consciously training themselves in prayer, they do not wait passively, but consciously strive to be touched by the Holy Spirit Do it Only then will they become people who seek God with truth. 

Rather, try consciously to be touched by the Holy Spirit. Only then will they become people who seek God with TRUTH. Rather, try consciously to be touched by the Holy Spirit. Only then will they become people who seek God with truth.