about happiness

About happiness
I have been living in this world for thirty years. We’ve all been living for quite a long time – considering that even when we enter adulthood, around the age of 20, we already have a dozen or so conscious years behind us. As adults, however, we enter a „complicated world”, which seemed so simple to us in our youth. How is it that adults do not fully know the definitions of such basic concepts as love, freedom or happiness?

Crushed by professional, financial and material responsibility, sometimes for their own children; limited by monthly payments, subjected to the need to earn money, work, and care for existence: we completely forget what these beautiful concepts mean.

Love in many marriages means: not being in touch, discovering that I am involved with someone other than I thought (or that that person has changed since the wedding), etc.
How is it possible that precisely where happiness, love and freedom should flourish – we are weighed down by so many problems? Do these concepts not exist in reality? Isn’t it just not there? After all, if they were not there, they would never have been written in language. So –

how is it possible that we have lived so many years in this world, but still have not met true love, true freedom or true happiness?

Exactly so – it is impossible. Having lived in the world for so many years,

we have met all of these beautiful concepts – only, without knowing what they really are, we passed them by without noticing them, without paying attention to them.

If you want to get to the bottom of the meanings of the most important words in the world and in your life – you need to look into the attic of your own experiences – where the dusty experiences of your youth or adult life lie, but the one that has ended. It is there that you will find the spiritual patterns of these values ​​and concepts – meanings that are missing in your present life.

It is not the lack of love in the world that is the problem and the truth about its presence. It is your lack of understanding and awareness of what love is that is the root source of your lack of faith in love.

Love, joy, happiness, respect, peace, freedom, trust, meaning, truth, good, responsibility, success –

you have already touched all these matters, you had already had in your hands before, but you were like a pensive and absent thinker who touches things but lives in a world of ideas that was skeptical about things or without the courage to pick them up. You were like a tramp who walked into an expensive restaurant and was afraid to taste what it served there – because you were afraid that it would cost you a lot, or that you would be asked to leave because of your dress or appearance.
Or, perhaps, you turned out to be so involved in completely different matters that you were not interested in such seemingly empty concepts, and you had a specific life plan in your head: profession, career, money, studies, girlfriend, partner, family, development.

Now, here is that important lesson: All of the most important concepts have only their proper place and space in your life.

All problems arise from the fact that in their place you either put other concepts, other matters – or you did not let them take their places, leaving them empty, undeveloped. Perhaps these concepts lie in areas, in those areas of the soul, that you have not visited for a long time. They are a bit like wilted flowers that you haven’t watered for years.

It does not mean that they are not present in the world. It means that you have neglected the places where they flourish – you have alienated them, you have treated them as not your own space. Perhaps you thought: this is not my place, there is nothing here for me – and you forgot about them for years.

The place of the most important concepts is in everyone’s life. Every human being deserves all of those matters. These concepts are, of course, only definitions of certain events, certain experiences, certain internal experiences. Their existence does not depend on the world, fate, God. Their existence depends and has always depended only on you and Your life.

With this book, I want to highlight the most important things, those experiences that you miss so much, to come into your life. Words have a magical effect – and reading and repeating them is the first form of coming into existence for what they really mean.

That is why sincere prayer is so important in life. Things spoken from the bottom of your heart (and not words that are tapped out from memory) allow your soul and heart to revive those spheres that you enter with words.

Words are an expression of presence: in speaking you are present. To say one sentence, you have to be fully focused, fully concentrated. You have to be aware here and now to say something. Wherever your presence enters, you also bring the Light of God. This Light of God is like the rays of the sun and water, and allows the withered areas of your soul to come to life again.