The magic of prayer

„(1) In the beginning was the Word 1 ,
and the Word was with God 1 ,
and the Word was God.
(2) He was in the beginning with God.
(3) Through him all things were made,
and without him nothing was made
that was made 2 .
(4) In him there was 3 life ,
and life was the light of 3 people,
(5) and the light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overwhelmed it. „

J 1: 1-5 – Gospel according to John, prologue

We are lost in words, so we cannot live well anymore.

Word is the beginning of everything – words, as the basic building blocks of naming World Creation and become the carrier of our thoughts. Our actions result from our thoughts. Someone has said beautifully that everything that exists has appeared earlier in someone’s mind.

It is not only the Christian religion, Catholicism, that speaks of man’s responsibility for what happens to him. In all religions and beliefs there is an aspect of the responsibility that man has for his own life. In Catholicism, it is the cross that Jesus Christ encourages us to bear, and is directly related to the concrete nature of our life. The cross that Christ encourages us to bear is related to the problems and suffering that happen to us. In Buddhism, the aspect of responsibility is dealt with in terms of karma, represented by the law of cause and effect, and the principle of the consequences of our own actions – what we do and what we do not undertake.

In no religion remains indifferent to what we think or how we act in this world.

In no religion, belief, or any spiritual path – there is no space where our thoughts do not have the crucial and most important meaning; on the contrary: what we think is considered to be the primary cause of what happens to us and even the object of sin in itself. Our approach to life has a direct impact on how we live our lives. All of this does not exist without words.

Words as a buckle of Life and Reality

So, one can say – WORDS and how we operate with them in life come to the fore of everything – it is both the root of everything we do in life and the ending of everything that happens to us and what we do: first the thought appears; then action comes; and then there is a thought about this action. Every thought is made of words – then

words are a buckle for the Reality we experience and create. Words are the gateway to action and the key to understanding; words are the thinking tool and the basis of all emotions we feel. The words we say in our mind and the way we use them in speech create our lives, contribute to our happiness and cause suffering.

Prayer – putting our words in order

After such a brief, but essential, aspect of the function and operation of the Words in our lives, we can re-approach prayer. Prayer does not mean uttering meaningless words. Every word, even in our thoughts, is real. Our thoughts are the cause of everything that happens to us: prayer is organizing our thoughts, directing them to contact with God and the truth about ourselves, and thus it is also the ordering of our lives, an act of original creation of good and proper things; the act of arranging what is disordered, of purifying what is messy; see what is hidden.

Prayer is like preparing a meal: it teaches us how to deal with reality in the right way to create the right food for our life in our lives.

If you feel that you are not praying in your life, or even do not want to pray, it is time to recover from your mistake:

all our thoughts are prayer

All you think is the prayer you say to your Life, to the World, to the Energy that flows through you with your every breath. Your entire inner life is one great Prayer Book.

So you pray even when you are an unbeliever. You pray, even when you don’t call it a prayer. You have a certain belief system, even if God does not exist in the world for you. You believe in money or in matter; in work or in the laws of physics; you believe in nature and your own life. Even if you say you don’t believe anything, you are wrong. Just as thoughts are prayer, everything you do to stay alive is a form of faith. You believe that by eating – you will survive. That by working or gaining livelihood in a different way – you will take care of yourself in some way. Just as your thoughts are a prayer, so is it

All your actions are faith that you don’t even know about.