For non-believers

all our thoughts are prayer

All you think is the prayer you say to your Life, to the World, to the Energy that flows through you with your every breath. Your entire inner life is one great Prayer Book.

So you pray even when you are an unbeliever. You pray, even when you don’t call it a prayer. You have a certain belief system, even if God does not exist in the world for you.

You believe in money or in matter of Reality; You believe in work or in the laws of physics; you believe in nature and your own life.

Even if you say you don’t believe anything, you are wrong. Just as thoughts are prayer, everything you do to stay alive is a form of faith. You believe that by eating and drinking – you will survive. You believe, that by working or gaining livelihood in a different way – you will take care of yourself in some way. Just as your thoughts are a prayer, so is it

All your actions are faith that you don’t even know about.

For me – it doesn’t matter, If You call Yourself a believer, or not. It doesn’t matter, if You believe there is no God in the Universe. It matters to me, that You are living each next day, and that You are thinking something and doing something.

Thinking and acting is a form of prayer and believing. Only that matters really to me, in those aspects, that we talk about.

At the very end – the aim and effect of thought and act is the same: You are either happy or You suffer. My aim is to help You to create more happiness in Your life: it really doesn’t matter, what names we will give to the procesess, that are inside of each human being.